So why isn’t this illegal booted from the country? This proves the border is porous, anyone can get in, and do.

‘I cleared FIVE checks with a fake passport – I could have been a jihadi’: Anarchists give Syrian migrant bogus documents and smuggle him into the UK on a RYANAIR FLIGHT

Syrian migrant given bogus documents and smuggle him into the UK on a Ryanair flight

A Syrian migrant was smuggled into Britain on a Ryanair flight using a bogus passport supplied by a group of political extremists, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. In an astonishing security lapse, Bashar Habib (left), 18, walked unchallenged through a series of checks at Athens airport before claiming asylum on arrival at Stansted.

He said he had been given the passport less than 24 hours earlier by No Borders, whose members include British anarchists accused of stirring trouble among migrants in refugee camps across Europe. He boarded the plane at Athens International Airport unchallenged, despite differing markedly in appearance from the owner of the passport, Austrian Marius Brem (top right and bottom right), who has longer hair, different coloured eyes and is seven years older.

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