Thanks be to Vlad for the vid upload and Nash Montana for the translation.

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  1. There has to be some initiative to get through to these girls not to allow themselves to be dominated and “owned” in these situations, and that they have a duty to others to report this behaviour to the pool attendants. It’s not exactly hard is it ? Just get over to the attendants and say “Those guys are harassing me – please throw them out.”. They’re being playful in the same way that a cat plays with a mouse – lining up young women like lions circling wildebeest; assessing who will resist and who won’t, and waiting to see who will be the first of the group to assault them.
    By refusing to report assaults, women are just helping the perpetrators to carry on and become even more aggressive. Years ago, there was a case where girls coming to England from Ireland were being directed to accommodation by their local church. The landlord raped every girl they sent his way, but given their religious upbringing they were all too ashamed of what had happened to them to report it. He was finally reported, and when the police contacted girls who the church had directed to him, they found that he had raped over 30 young girls. Those girls weren’t to blame for what happened to them, but they are partly to blame for what happened to the next girl and the next girl and the next girl….

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