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This is a bad, really bad idea to accommodate this kind of monstrosity…..

Muslim fashion designer makes history with hijab collection at New York Fashion Week

 Anniesa Hasibuan’s collection featured silk hijabs in ivory, peach and grey silk

A Muslim fashion designer has made history as the first ever designer to feature hijabs in every outfit on a New York Fashion Week catwalk.

Indonesian designer Anniesa Hasibuan, 30, delighted crowds with her Spring Summer ’17 collection D’Jakarta. Models wore flowing trousers and skirts in silk, lace and chiffon in an array of pastel colours. One stand-out garment included an intricate gold lace dress, featuring metallic embroidery at the bust and a fringed lace train.

Each model wore a hijab in gold, pale pink or dove grey silk. It is believed to be the first time a New York Fashion Week catwalk show has featured hijabs on every model. Ms Hasibuan also made history as the first Indonesian designer to be featured at the fashion week and says her designs were inspired by her home city of Jakarta, where she also has a boutique.

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  1. This is just a sick attempt to beautify something that’s worthy only of pig blood. Why not throw in a swastika or two? if fascist hate is “in” why not go all the way? Seriously though, this is wrong because it’s an appeasement for an invading people that do not respect our culture or values. If this were something from the Scandinavian culture or French maybe I wouldn’t mind so much, I respect them. But these muslims are proving to be disrespectful invaders, raping our kids and women, filling our prisons, sucking our welfare, building dangerous enclaves, threatening and suing us for their fake religion, rioting, and importing every manner of filth their culture is known for–like honor killings and sexual mutilation, persecution and discrimination of non-muslims, terrorizing and murdering innocents, unjust stonings for frivolous “offenses” against their killer prophet and god. And now in the midst of this horror story we have some wacko designer trying to incorporate a key symbol of the hatred they stand for into our dress. Gosh, somehow I don’t feel guilty for being angry.

    1. You are singing a bad song of your own…,
      Who are you talking about ..??
      Why you generalize the actions of some and blame them on the whole society ??
      Ahmed zweil ..is an Egyptian and a noble winner
      Was he a terrorist when he invented the nano-technology. ..

      1. Why do I generalize?

        Mainstream “moderate” muslims are the wellspring for EVERY manner of islamic cruelty and crime. Terrorists are born from their ranks, they all go through the “moderate” stage. And many of these so-called “moderates” provide financial resources, and ALL muslims provide a kind of moral and religious justification for the killer work those terrorists do. It’s the moderates in general that maintain the cultural and religious traditions that threaten us. They are the ones building the exclusive enclaves and thereby taking our neighborhoods and towns, threatening and rioting against us, raping our women and young, costing us billions in welfare, undermining our politics and education with their sharia creep, and robbing us of our free speech and other rights with all manner of intimidation. Remember when Geller and friends were almost murdered by those jihadis in Texas? over cartoons of all things. This is what we’re going to get more of if we don’t stop muslims and islam from growing in our nation. The polls prove that a majority of mainstream muslims agree fundamentally with what the terrorists are killing and terrorizing for, like sharia law with its discrimination and misogyny. But sharia is unconstitutional and violates western human rights. So it’s the moderates we must fear, they are the ones that will destroy us in every sense. The terrorists are like a painful prick that draws a little blood, but the moderate muslims are the cancer that will eat and kill our nation’s body.

        So if I’m “generalizing” about all muslims it’s because ALL muslims play a role in the destruction of our freedoms, culture, and national identity. No one muslim can bring us down, maybe not even a 100,000. But millions of muslims that hate our laws and culture can become a political force that can destroy us. And the terrorists that aid their goal only make it that much worse. I know I’m right about this. We’re being invaded. If we don’t stop this now we’ll end up like every other nation hosting too many muslims, terrorized, fearful, raped, and murdered. In the end we’ll lose everything. And one last thing, your analogy sucks. Scientific discovery with nano-technology has no inbuilt desire to murder and hate non-scientific people. Islam, however, is expressly hateful and murderous toward all non-muslims. You’d make a lousy logician, at least in regard to islam.

  2. …the hijab is a symbol of hate and oppression! It will never be “fashionable” in my mind! NEVER!

  3. Funny, I’ve seen women beaten to death because their robes had some color other than black in them. Muslims will not accept this for their women. It just might make them look sexy and we know what happens to any muslim woman that looks sexy, she gets killed.

  4. Leave it to clueless liberals to make a fashion statement out of a garment that signals the oppression of women. The fact that women are treated as less than human in these countries that are governed by Sharia law is insignificant to them. They should go live in one of these countries for a few months…they would be signing a different tune for sure.

  5. There is nothing vogue or chic or stylish about an oppressive garment meant so subjugate, control and minimize a woman. There is nothing vogue, chic or stylish about an ideology that normalizes spousal abuse (beatings) and stoning of women. Attempting to glamorize this poses and endangerment to women who may be drawn to what is presented as ‘cool’ or ‘harmless,’ only to find out they have entered into a nightmare. The west is a free society. A free society is incompatible with sharia-law.

    1. Nicely said. Keep talking the truth, we need you.

  6. I so agree. I’m 80 years old & have seen a lot of change in my life but none as distrustive as the Muslim religion.

  7. This is a Big scam on America Really are you kidding we can see right through this BS And second these Women would not be allowed to sport these fashions in their own countries So who is fooling who here . Propaganda Propaganda Propaganda Propaganda everywhere….

  8. Go and count on the prison how many are Islam may be the least or none

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