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‘Who the f**k are all you racists?’ Migrant youths terrorise community in shocking footage

Migrant youths

SHOCKING footage of migrant youths terrorising a city neighbourhood as they film themselves bragging about the lack of police response has emerged online.

In the clip the thugs snapped themselves, one asylum-seeker can be seen dancing on a police car without apprehension.

The group of youngsters, who have been wreaking havoc in the city of Zaandam in the Netherlands, have become notorious for their stunts.

Last week it emerged migrants had been involved with repeated incidents involving the intimidation of citizens, police officers, and even one incident captured on camera that involved them beating up a cyclist.

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  1. We’ve had the same problem in Minneapolis MN with Somali gang violence and threats of all kind. Just recently a large gang of Somalis terrorized a neighborhood (Lake Calhoun) while parading down the street they threatened citizens with rape, violence, and specifically mentioned sharia law. Of course the leading leftist newspaper didn’t report a word on it, but there were reports on the TV news. And there is information on this specific muslim attack online so you can see I’m not making this up. And this wasn’t the first time it happened either. I’ll try to post links after this comment, but sometimes they get snagged in these blogs for security. Anyway, some of these violent and threatening muslims were in cars and they were driving on lawns while others were waving a Somali flag and shooting off fireworks to attract attention to their jihad attack on our neighborhood.

    Minnesota will be the first to succumb to islamic rule, I’m quite sure of this. Our local politicians and media are dhimmi whipped while muslim migrants pour in and takeover our neighborhoods. They’re building mosques and now they have infiltrators like Keith Ellison and Ilhan Omar subverting local politics with their divided loyalties. And of course we’ve had our share of sharia creep too, more than most communities I’m sure. And Minnesota has the notorious reputation now of being a leading supplier of jihad fighters overseas. Thank you Somali muslims for that one. It saddens me to see this happen to beautiful Minnesota, the state I grew up in. I’m not a racist and I shouldn’t even have to say that. But we live in a time where standing up for what’s good and right is practically a crime, it’s political correctness run amok. But we should all speak against a violent religion that threatens and kills, and that includes speaking against the people who support and maintain such ideas–MUSLIMS. I don’t feel like a bad person for that. In fact I feel proud of my parents that taught me good morals and to stand for what’s right. Islam can’t be right, not with the murder and hate it teaches and causes. That’s why I’m against islam.

    1. “Dhimmi whipped”. That’s good Infidel 101.

      When we stand for what’s right and good, there is a higher authority looking on in approval.

      So well said, Infidel 101!

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