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If she’s carrying beer then she’s only a stone throws away from angry pious muslims……

mo and ali

Germany adopts the BURKIRNDL: Traditional low-cut Bavarian outfit is adapted for Muslims 

Traditional low-cut Bavarian outfit adaptation for Muslims called BURKIRNDL

A woman in Germany has modified her traditional Bavarian dress after converting to Islam. The traditional dress, known as a dirndl, comes with a plunging bustline (pictured, right). Renate Hoffmann, 63, from Fensterbach, removed any sign of cleavage and added a headscarf in keeping with Muslim tradition. Mrs Hoffmann (left) says: ‘In my burkirndl anyone can see where I come from.’

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  1. This is a mockery of Germanic tradition and culture for islam. It’s a sort of diluting of German traditional dress with muslims’ devotional garb for their cult of violence and death. It’s just one more perversion of western culture for islam, another show of contempt for our way of life. It may seem a small matter, but when these “little” changes are backed with threats of violence and murder then they should be rejected and ridiculed. People and cultures are constantly changing dress styles, this is true. But when these changes are part of a fascist takeover of ones lands then they are an insult and humiliation. I resent any muslim influence in my country because the culture and religion of islam is fundamentally opposed to our constitution and values. I don’t want your burkas and traditions because I know they are wrapped up in contempt and a murderous hatred for my nation and freedoms. I don’t feel at all sympathetic for your feigned modesty in dress, muslims, when the culture and religious traditions you import threaten OUR traditions and people with murder and subjugation. So pack your head scarves and hate filled korans and please go home.

  2. Thank you, Infidel-101 – am in full agreement

  3. Fat stupid and muzlim, is no way to go through life.

  4. ‘But in my burkirndl anyone can see where I come from.’

    Too tight, sweetie. We can see that a mile off – you’re now coming from abject unconsciousness and stupidity. Another useful idiot for your Saudi masters.

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