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She would be right!

I would refuse service to anyone wearing any kind of totalitarian symbols, and that includes islam.

Hairdresser who refused to serve hijab-wearing woman and branded Islam ‘evil’ escapes jail

A HAIRDRESSER has escaped jail after throwing a Muslim woman out of her salon in a landmark case.


Malia Bayan was turned away from Merete Hodne's salonEPA

Malia Bayan was turned away from Merete Hodne’s salon

Merete Hodne, 47, has been fined nearly £900 for discriminating against the woman who was wearing a hijab

The businesswoman risked a prison sentence of up to six months for religious discrimination under Norwegian law.

Malia Bayan, 24, was turned away from the salon in Byrne, south west Norway, last October.

The court has no doubt that the defendant deliberately discriminated against Bayan because she is Muslim

The young woman immediately reported the incident to the authorities.

Miss Bayan said she went in and asked how much it would cost to have her hair dyed but was asked to leave by Hodne who said she would not touch the hair of anyone like her.

The court ruling said: “The court… has no doubt that the defendant acted intentionally, that she deliberately discriminated against Bayan by expelling her from the salon because she is Muslim.”

Hodne refused to pay the initial £800 fine in the case, which is the first of its kind to be taken to the Norwegian courts.

The 47-year-old plans to appeal the decision claiming the court was unduly influenced by her previous membership of an anti-Islam organisation.

Hodne told judges: “I see it as a totalitarian symbol. When I see a hijab, I don’t think of religion, but of totalitarian ideologies and regimes.”

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