Donald Trump US-Mexican border


Build it, as well as the turning of a blind eye to people who overstay their visas, which comprises almost half the number of illegal aliens in the US.

Forget about all the BS he says about Trump, (save for the part of his insistence that Mexico will pay for it, that is in fact BS) the fact that Leftists are talking about it in a positive sense is a step forward.

NOTE: This all leads me to remind everyone that Trump’s position, now, is more in line with Jeb Bush’s than Ted Cruz’s.

Build the wall

September 11 at 7:52 PM

Just because Donald Trump isn’t qualified to be president — and just because much of his agenda is hateful and undesirable — doesn’t mean that everything he says is automatically wrong. Some of his ideas deserve consideration and enactment. One of these is building a wall across our southern border with Mexico.

It has been ridiculed as a monstrosity and a colossal waste of money. The theory of the wall is that it keeps out low-wage workers and, thereby, raises the wages of U.S. workers, including earlier Hispanic arrivals. They are most vulnerable to additional Hispanic workers, because their skills generally overlap.

Just what a wall would cost is unknown. Guesses vary. Trump has said $8 billion. A detailed report by AllianceBernstein, a research firm, estimated between $15 billion and $25 billion. These sums seem (and are) large, but within a $4 trillion federal budget, they’re modest.

The crucial question is: If we had a wall, what would we get for it? The answer: A wall probably represents our best chance of reaching broad agreement on immigration policy, a subject that has frustrated Congress and the two most recent presidents.

Let’s be clear on one issue: Trump’s insistence that Mexico pay for the wall is absurd . No self-respecting Mexican president would accept it. If one did, the wall would become a subject of endless bickering between the two countries as to who actually owned and controlled it. The fact that Trump made this so central to his proposal suggests that he’s simply grandstanding.

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  1. “Just because Donald Trump isn’t qualified to be president…” well I cannot think of a single president in the last 16 years or so who was “qualified”.

    Walls, or at least not easily crossable borders are necessary if you want to keep your own country and preserve your own culture. Hungary knows this. But the American wall might have more sinister purposes – to keep its people in. Anyway, since the trend is population replacement and the end of the nation-state, I suppose it it all become a moot point. Are they winning?

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