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One thing we do know is that he would have been very much alive today if not for the Finnish government allowing these muslim settlers cross into Finland.

Police arrest two Iraqi asylum seekers on suspicion of manslaughter, robbery

Police in Kajaani, northern Finland have detained two Iraqi men believed to be asylum seekers on suspicion of committing robbery and manslaughter. The men were held separately – one in the Otanmäki district and the other in Kajaani city centre. Police say the men did not resist arrest.

Kynttilöitä Vuorimiehentiellä.

Residents lit candles on Vuorimiehenti in Otanmäki, where a 52 year-old man was robbed and killed Sunday morning. Image: Julia Sieppi / Yle

The Oulu police department said in a statement Monday that officers had detained two Iraqi men in connection with manslaughter and robbery committed in Kajaani’s Otanmäki district, some 37 kilometres from the town centre. Yle Kajaani has reported that both men are asylum seekers.

Police suspect the men of having a hand in the death of a 52 year-old local who was found dead in Otanmäki Sunday morning. Police also believe that the man was robbed and are investigating manslaughter and robbery offences.

Google-kartta Otanmäki Kajaani Oulu, henkirikosuutinen
Image: Katja Oittinen / Yle

Another resident aged 41 was robbed in the early hours of Sunday morning on Uunimiehentie in Otanmäki. His mobile phone was taken from him during a violent encounter, police said.

The detainees are the main suspects in both incidents. According to Detective Chief Inspector Jarkko Maksniemi the arrests took place peacefully.

Investigators will interview roughly a dozen parties to the crimes as well as witnesses and will also conduct forensic tests. Maksniemi said that officers are not at liberty to disclose the course of events related to the crimes or possible motives.

They are asking members of the public with any information about the incidents to contact the Kajaani police station’s customer service line on 02 9541 6520 or on its crime hotline at 02 9541 6673. Emails may also be sent to

Edit: This article was updated at 18.02 to correct the suspected offence from murder to manslaughter.

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