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It contradicts the propaganda coming out of the government that’s saying ”all is well”.

I’ve been warning about exactly this for months, and the politicians are to blame for all of it.

Paatero’s claim of organization of asylum seekers: “More information available”

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Runsas vuosi sitten poliisiylijohtajan virasta eläkkeelle jäänyt Mikko Paatero julkaisi torstaina kirjan Sisäinen turvallisuus horjuu. Kirja käsittelee muun muassa Suomen turvallisuuden nykytilannetta ja Suomeen kohdistuvia uhkia.

Former Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero believes that it is self-evident that organizing at reception centers is taking place.

  • Paatero said Wednesday in an interview with YLE’s his belief that criminal organizations operating in Finland will begin recruiting their own groups’ of certain types of asylum-seekers “.
  • Another threat Paatero, it is that there will be a whole new set of organized crime groups, which have received a negative asylum decision to set up in Finland.

Just over a year ago after retired chief of police Mikko Paatero has left office, he published a book on Thursday, on how Internal Security is faltering. The book deals with, among other things, the current situation in Finland’s security and the threats against Finland.


Paatero took the matter up again on Thursday with the launch of his new book.

Paatero wonders of the opinion issued by the Ministry of the Interior Permanent Secretary Päivi Nergin on Wednesday night, according to which the reception centers do not have any signs of organization.

– If Nerg says that there is no organization, then (the comment) is not from this planet, says Paatero.

– I think it is self-evident that the organizing has happened and is happening all the time in circumstances where like-minded people have been with each other for months. When there are people who have the same values and the same goals, so I think it is just a natural result that organizing takes place. Will it lead to any negative results in the next step, remains to be seen. But it must be prepared for, Paatero said to Iltalehti.

Hundreds disappear

According to former National Police Commissioner Paatero, Finland has at least hundreds of asylum seekers who have received a negative decision and who have not left the country voluntarily nor have been forced to, and have virtually disappeared.

– All by no means have left, but have gone “underground”, and since then the situation is vague. No one is controling the issue, says Paatero.

For example, according to Paatero, in Germany there are more than 100 000 missing asylum seekers, and in Sweden about 14 000. According to Paatero, their possible activities is a matter that the police must be prepared for .

More here (in Finnish)

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