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These people are insane……..

No one, and I mean no one, can keep the pedal exactly on the limit without periodically without their knowledge going over it, this is draconian and is just a big government gimmick to rake in more cash. It has NOTHING to do with saving lives.

Speeding crackdown will lower threshold for spot fines

Starting in October, police are to adopt a new policy toward speeding that will see them slap motorists with spot fines for driving seven or more kilometres per hour above stipulated speed limits. The current threshold for the summary fines is between eight and 20 kilometres per hour above the limit.

Kaksi autoa poliisin ratsiassa.

New national guidelines to take effect in October will see the lower threshold for issuing summary fines reduced from 8km per hour over the speed limit to 7km per hour. Image: YLE

Following reports that government has not pulled in the income it anticipated by hiking fines for traffic offences such as speeding, police have decided to reduce the threshold for issuing spot fines for speeding.

Starting in October, motorists who drive between seven and 20 kilometres per hour in excess of marked speed limits will receive summary fines for the infraction. The current threshold for spot fines is between eight and 20 kilometres per hour above the limit. Additionally motorists whose speed is between three and seven kilometres per hour above the limit will get off with a warning.

“The goal of police is to influence driving behaviour, so that average speed will fall, road accidents will be reduced and the repercussions will be less serious,” police chief inspector Samppa Holopainen of the National Police Board said in a statement.

Last week, police noted that the administration’s plan to hike spot fines for traffic offences had already changed driving habits, as motorists eased off the gas pedal, resulting in fewer fines issued. The result also undermined the government’s plan to boost revenues by raising the fines.


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  1. ….20 kilometres per hour above the limit.
    WHAT?? In a lot of first-world countries such laxity would get your licence revoked!
    And in a country where ice & snow are extreme hazards, it’s ridiculous.

    1. 7-TO 20 over for hand written fines, anything over straight to jail and suspended licence….

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