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Vuosaari protest in Helsinki

Saturday 10 September, 2016


Fortress Europe organizes a big protest in Vuosaari, Helsinki 10.9.2016. The organizers invite everyone to the event for the large numbers! Remember to share the video.

Press release

“Keep Finland Finnish” event on saturday 10.09.16. At Mosaiikkitori, Vuosaari, Helsinki, Finland 15:00-17:00.

Confirmed guest speakers at our event:
Mona Walter, human rights activist, islam-critic, Sweden.
Maria Kaljuste, Citizen activist, Estonia.
Noora Budde, Citizen activist, Finland.
James Hirvisaari, Former MP, Finland.

Uncontrolled mass immigration leads to islamization and the end of Finland as we know it.

In autumn 2015 Finland, like the rest of Europe, was hit by an unprecedented mass-invasion. In a short period of time, millions of people from an alien culture arrive in Europe and tens of thousands in Finland. Due to this, and earlier migrations, Finland and Europe are changing in an undesirable direction.

As labour intensive industry has already largely left Europe, neither Europe nor Finland need new people. In order to receive the migrants, humanitarian and international treaties were invoked: a year ago we were told that those who made it to the Tornionjoki border crossing have to be received in Finland because of “international treaties”.

Only later we find out that according to Schengen ja Dublin protocols, everyone who arrived during fall 2015 could have been returned to Sweden. Indeed, according to the protocols they should have been returned.

The people have demanded in demonstrations that Finland abide by these treaties, namely the Schengen and Dublin protocols. This has not happened.

No open discussion has taken place about receiving or permanent settlement of the migrants. We are only told that they will return to their homes when the situation in their home countries improves. But if you can vacation in your home country, we should be able to deport you there as well.

We have also been told that those who come as refugees will assume Finnish values and act like the rest of us. Now we are asked to give up our own customs, so as not to offend the “guests of honor”. More and more Finns are coming to the realization that they have been duped.

We who have gathered on 10.09 in Vuosaari, who are worried about the future of our country, expect our leaders to take action:

1. Help refugees in countries bordering the conflict zone, so that they can flee without being in debt to smugglers and human traffickers. Use Finland’s humanitarian resources in Jordania, and in helping international relief organizations in the peaceful parts of Iraq and Syria. This is where the need is real and at it’s most dire.

2. We expect the government to cease paying social benefits and cease providing free room and board to those asylum seekers who have received a negative decision, followed by a swift deportation. We also expect that those who have received a negative decision have their freedom of movement restricted so as to prevent them from disappearing.

3. We expect the government and officials to take action and temporarily institute border security to curb the flow of migrants to Finland. The economic and social strain are at an unbearable level.

4. We urge the authorities to take urgent action to eradicate such senseless acts of anti-Finnish violence that Forssa and Nurmijärvi were examples of.

5. We demand that refugees and asylum seekers respect the Finnish way of life, respect our values and accept peaceful co-existence of religions as is the custom in Finland.

6. We demand a cessation to the manipulation of information coming from authorities and media. Especially government funded YLE must give it’s funders truthful information.

10.09.2016 event organizers are people from all patriotic movements and are now gathered under the pan-European “Fortress Europe”-banner. The event is open to all. No group or party identifications allowed.

On behalf of the organizing team,
Samppa Granlund, Seppo Heino, Antti-Jussi Hirsimäki, Maria Kaljuste, Pekka Kemppainen, Aleksi Keskinen, Jukka Ketonen, Terhi Kiemunki, Juha Korhonen, Kim Martin Larni, Juha Mäenpää, Jani Perttilä, Markku Salonen, Kevin Servin, Kristiina Vainikka, Tuuli Virta, Karin Zeiger
kiitos ..

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