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Yeah, he actually said it…..

Food costs too little for us here in Finland,” Helin claims. “Money talks, even if it isn’t the only issue.”

Check out how much more we pay for stuff here than in the states. I’m all for restaurants handing out old, but still good food to the indigent, but don’t lecture us on developing a higher quality of standard of living (in spite of all the socialism that drags at our feet like a ball and chain).

NOTE: From their website: 

As part of this project, services will be produced and developed to inspire households and housing cooperatives to take action to slow down climate change. The project will be run by the Finnish Environment Institute (coordinator), EcoFellows, Ecolabel Partnership, SYKLI Environmental School of Finland, and Valonia.

The project’s aim is to get households to reduce their environmental impact, especially in terms of housing. The project will draw attention to households’ greenhouse gas emissions as well as offer information, tools and services for decreasing these.

Restaurants selling waste food to avoid squandered supply chain

Dozens of kilograms of food go to waste yearly in Finnish households. Food that has been produced, prepared and transported is a preventable strain on natural resources.

Ravintolan keittiössä pakataan lounasruokaa noutoannoksiin.

Restamax restaurants are selling food that would otherwise go to waste. Image: Anne Savin / Yle

Finnish households produce massive amounts of waste food every year, measurable in dozens of kilograms per home.

“The average amount of food that gets thrown in the bin in a four-person family is about 100 kilograms a year,” says project manager Harri Herlin from the Tampere environmental group EcoFellows.

Food that ends up being thrown out has gone through the entire supply chain, all of which effort is effectively nullified.

“The things needed for most types of food include sowing, reaping, water, soil, labour, processing, storage and transportation – for starters,” Helin says. “All of those resources go to waste when food is discarded.”

The oft-repeated mantra so well known to children – “Finish your food!” – is also taken up by Helin.

“If you put it on your plate, you should eat it. Food costs too little for us here in Finland,” Helin claims. “Money talks, even if it isn’t the only issue.”

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