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Ignoramus maximus……….

I have republished an umpteenth number of times over the past three years, the excellent report by Lori Lowenthal Marcus on the ”lone wolf” strategy:

The global jihadi masterminds endorse a new style of operation, particularly for those in the non-Muslim world arena: small cells, few connections, low cost munitions and high density, high profile crowds. “It’s the al Suri Strategy come home to roost.”

There is a typical knee-jerk reaction by those who believe that by using the term ”lone-wolf”, you are somehow diminishing the phenomenon of world wide jihad, and the connection between these Islamic terrorists (pious muslim jihadis) with Islam and high profile terror orgs.

It couldn’t be further from the truth, I challenge anyone who holds a dissenting view or at least a modicum of scepticism to read the Lori Marcus piece, and decide for yourself. It speaks of a tactic long proposed by AQ’s no2 Abu Musab al-Suri in keeping the various intel orgs in the West off balance.

NOTE: This is something that Rita Katz over at the SITE organization should already know about but obviously doesn’t, or instead, stubbornly sticking to (failed) mainstream policy wonk views.

Jihadists claim Christiania shooter was ‘soldier of Isis’

Jihadists claim Christiania shooter was 'soldier of Isis'

The terrorist monitoring group SITE Intelligence cautioned that there is no evidence to support Amaq’s claim. Photo: Jens Astrup/Scanpix

Published: 02 Sep 2016 18:52 GMT+02:00

The 25-year-old, named by local media as Mesa Hodzic, shot two police officers and a civilian on Wednesday, and died Friday of gunshot wounds he sustained during his arrest.
“The perpetrator of the attack that targeted the police in Copenhagen is a soldier of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in response to calls to target the countries of the coalition,” Amaq said, citing an unnamed source, referring to an international alliance battling Isis in Syria and Iraq.
Copenhagen Police said Hodzic had links to the radical Islamist group Millatu Ibrahim and that he sympathised with IS, but that there was no evidence that extremism had inspired the shooting.

More here.

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