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I’m told that the Daily Mail’s source, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), are using incorrect numbers but the Awsat al-Sharq has quoted a Kurdish official who said that the IRGC has set up camp between Kirkuk and Mosul. So this definitely has some smoke behind it, i’m just waiting to see the flames.

Inside ‘the Glasshouse’: Iran ‘is running covert war in Syria costing BILLIONS from top secret spymaster HQ near Damascus airport’

  • Sources within Iran’s Revolutionary Guards leaked intelligence to activists who passed it to MailOnline 
  • Tehran ‘runs operations in Syria from an HQ near Damascus airport’, said to be nicknamed ‘The Glasshouse’ 
  • The intelligence says there are 60,000 fighters under Iranian command in Syria, not 16,000 as was thought
  • Claims said to be ‘credible’ by intelligence experts, suggesting West has underestimated Iran’s influence
  • Iran ‘has spent billions – possibly as much as $100billion on hardware and support for Assad since 2011’  
  • It comes a year after Western powers signed a controversial nuclear deal with Iran 

Iran is shoring up the Syrian regime from a secret HQ in Damascus nicknamed ‘the Glasshouse’ – and commanding a huge covert army in support of Assad, according to leaked intelligence passed by activists to MailOnline.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) claims that the theocratic state’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has spent billions in hardware for its ally Bashar al-Assad in the last five years  – and runs operations on the ground from a five-floor monolith near Damascus airport.

The Iranian HQ, which plays a pivotal role in supporting Assad’s regime alongside Russia, contains intelligence and counterintelligence operations, and has vaults packed with millions of dollars in cash flown in from Tehran, claims the NCRI.

The allegations are contained in a dossier of reports apparently leaked by senior sources inside Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and collated by the dissident activists who oppose the Iranian regime.

The dossier – which could not be independently verified but was described as ‘credible’ by intelligence experts – makes the bold claims that Iran controls the biggest fighting force in Syria; has military bases throughout the splintered state; and has amassed a war-chest far greater than feared in support of the Syrian president.

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