Finnish Immigration Concerns


Went off smoothly…..

People peacefully voicing their views on keeping their mores and values intact, resisting the nonsense foisted upon them by open borders nut-cases in government, local and abroad.

Demonstration at asylum accommodation in Finland

FINLAND On Thursday demonstrated a few hundred Finns from Soumin Ensin / Finland First at an asylum accommodation in Forssa ten mil north of Helsinki.

According to the Finnish state television YLE  the asylum seekers feel threatened, while these protesters believe they have been threatened by asylum seekers. The speakers accused the Finnish media of lying about what is happening in the area and want asylum accommodation to be closed immediately.

On Tuesday 23 August a fight broke out at the asylum reception center ( HBL) , which has contributed to unrest among the local population.

Suomi Ensin / Finland First are critical of the Islamization of Finland and a “Swedish development” with no-go zones in immigrant suburbs.


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