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Good luck with that, while you’re at it, include statists of every stripe……

Sure, try to de-radicalize socialists of both LEFT and Right-wing versions (only right-wing socialists were mentioned in YLE’s article), but the Islamonazis that left Finland for the Islamic State are a more difficult nut to crack. They enjoy a whole community of support (many of which are Muslim Brotherhood connected), Islamic validation (allah ordained) of their actions and motives, in the koran and in the hadiths.

NOTE: Neo-Nazis/ANTIFA nut-jobs don’t have that. It just goes to show how naive and short-sighted these initiatives are.

De-radicalisation project sets up in Finland

A new project in Finland aims to help people caught up in radical political or religious ideologies. The Radinet scheme is targeting those radicalised by extremist dogma, including far-right and Islamist extremist literature.

Esa Holappa

Esa Holappa Image: Marcus Rosenlund / Yle

Those involved in extremist activities may soon be helped to renounce violence by a new so-called ‘exit’ organisation. The Radinet project is funded by the RAY slot machine association, and is the result of collaboration between the Interior Ministry and several organisations opposed to violence.

The goal of the Radinet programme is to help radicalised individuals renounce violence and extremism. Esa Holappa, a neo-Nazi leader who recently left far right politics, is an advisor on the project. The scheme will also aim to help Finns who’ve left to fight in Syria to leave extremist ideologies behind them.

The project has been running since January, and already has dozens of clients among at-risk groups. The organisation has two full-time workers, one based in Oulu and one in Helsinki, along with Holappa who offers his expert advice.


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  1. Being an ex-hardcore muslim (now atheist/humanist,activist and blogger )residing in Finland and going through integration, I would love to be a part of the project. But I could not found anything on the net about them.
    I have alot of research and suggestions regarding the islamization (radicalization) of Europe,how it’s happening and how it could be stopped or cured but have no platform at all. Would love to be a part of it if anybody got any clue of them?

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