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It’s Islamic State’s sharia driven ”gay toss”……

It’s exactly how the founder of Islam wanted them killed.

Jihad Watch: More gay men thrown from building roof in accordance with Sharia

Yet another report about jihadists murdering gays. What makes this report unique is the recognition that such murders are sanctioned by Sharia. The killings of gays are not presented as though such a heinous action is an aberration exclusive to the Islamic State. The publication “the Gay UK” does not mince words in stating:

“In Islamic State controlled areas Sharia Law is used the legal system. In Sharia Law gay men face capital punishment.”

The article also informs about Sharia:

“Islam’s legal system, derived from the Koran

Informs every aspect of Muslims’ lives

Islamic jurists issue formal guidance through fatwas, or religious edicts.”

gay men throw from building

“Four men executed by ISIS for homosexuality”, theGayUK, August 23, 2016:

More here.

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