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What a total loser…….

So the pseudo conservative would rather see the un-indicted criminal-in-waiting-for-an-orange-jumpsuit be US president. Screw him, who really cares (outside of Finland) what this jerk has to say anyways?

NOTE: This guy thinks he’s so tough, he knows Trump would never issue an order to invade Finland. Lets hear him dress down the thug president of Russia in a similar manner, a situation that would never happen because he knows that Putin could give such an order.

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Experts confused Orpo’s Trump comment – this is how the Minister responded: “If I meet him one day  …”

Finance Minister Petteri Orpo believes that Donald Trump advocates a policy that is not in Finland’s interests.

Chairman of the Conservative Party and Minister of Finance, Petteri Orpo spoke on Monday at a just begun ambassadors event unusually direct words on the ongoing US presidential elections.

Orpo said that he personally hopes that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump doesn’t win.

– I say directly that I personally hope Trump doesn’t win. The world is already in such a fierce turmoil that we need stability, we do not need to add uncertainty, Orpo said.

Rare direct opinion Orpon sparked confusion with policy experts. Ilta-Sanomat interviewed director of the Centre for Parliamentary Studies, Markku Jokisipilä, who deems Orpo’s comments as exceptional. According to him, it has not been so in Finland has a tradition of not taking a direct position on the internal affairs of other countries.

More here at IS (in Finnish)

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