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I do not want Hillary Clinton to win, so any help that he can get (keeping himself from shooting his own foot is a starter) I can only applaud.

NOTE: Nigel should make himself aware of the fact that Trump has establishment guys all over his campaign (and Goldman Sachs people were were told were absolute evil).

‘You can smash the establishment too!’ Nigel Farage ditches the dodgy moustache to join Donald Trump on stage and explain how Brexit success can be blueprint for his outsider victory

I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if she paid me! Nigel Farage ditches the dodgy

The former UKIP leader shook hands with the Republican candidate before telling a cheering audience in Jackson, Mississippi how he ‘wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if she paid me’.

But he stopped short of explicitly endorsing her rival Donald Trump. During a rousing five-minute speech, the 52-year-old compared the UK’s historic vote to leave the EU to America’s own Independence Day.

He said ‘anything is possible’ if enough people band together, and predicted that Trump’s presidential campaign would ‘smash the establishment.’

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