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  1. Is this moron a pedophile? Obviously he has no knowledge of the function of his body. If they stop mutilating their penises, it will be easier for himself to do the job.

  2. This is yet another dead canary in the coal mine of madness we call islam. The west has acquired an understanding of life based on Christian values incomprehensible or evil to Islamic thought. islamic thought is unredeemably mysoginistic and otherwise inhumane to a degree incomprehensible to the west. Supposedly one so-called sovereign nation cannot tell another how to run things and expect results, the only recourse is prosecution or repatriation. Which is less expensive? Which is less cruel to the people of a western nation?
    I think the answer obvious. Their world has done more to change the west than the west has to change theirs. For over 1,400 years they have willfully learned nothing. The rotten fruit of an evil tree.

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