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  1. Leftists approve and are complicit by their refusal to acknowledge things like this.

  2. I would like to have more details – and confirmation of sources – on:
    – place = Afghanistan ???
    – date (at least the year)
    – make sure this is about her western dressing.
    I am very doubtful that we can still see women dressed like this is Afghanistan.
    I read in some Twitter comments that this takes place in Europe and all the people in the video are asylum seekers… but still not sure.
    I do think that this video is very important: this the reason why you need to be accurate. I always make sure to share accurate info in order to be credible, reliable and trustworthy.
    Thank you for your reply

  3. I am the same person who sent you the previous message with a different email address
    Thank you for deleting my pic if you decide to publish my comment.

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