It’s just like you what would expexct to find anywhere in the Islamic world.

As for “strict” sharia law, is there any other kind? Also, the US backed Syria forces are Islamonazis themselves, believing otherwise is fanciful nosense.

Inside ISIS’s torture HQ: Metal chains and pipes used to beat women who refused to cover their face or wore make-up in public are discovered by Syrian forces as they defeat the terror group in the city of Manbij

  • Syrian Democratic Forces filmed inside a former IS ‘religious police’ HQ
  • They reclaimed the building inside the city of Manbij this week
  • ISIS has been driven out of its stronghold by the US-backed forces
  • Religious police tortured women who broke their strict Sharia Law
  • ‘People who wear tight pants, women who do not cover their eyes,’ were brought into the station and beaten 

US-backed forces have toured an ISIS ‘religious police’ headquarters where women were tortured with poles and chains if they were spotted without their faces covered, in the city of Manbij.

Syrian Democratic Forces reclaimed the building this week and posted a video of the horrific torture apparatus they found inside, after they successfully defeated the terror group near the Turkish border in northern Syria. 

In the video, an SDF fighter explains the ‘Hasba centre’ is what ISIS call its ‘religious police’ headquarters. 

Men would observe the attire and behaviour of the local people and bring them to the torture centre if they were spotted breaking the strict Sharia Law rules.

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