Australia MUSLIM SETTLERS Muslim victim card


Incidentally, Nauru in Finnish means laughter….

That’s how I approach this faux outrage, as if any of the claims mentioned as proof of a bad policy, couldn’t happen (and have happened elsewhere throughout Europe, mostly at the hands of other Muslim settlers, and against the native population as well) within Australia if they were all relocated there.

This is nothing more than a ploy to attack a sound system that’s working, preventing mass numbers of boat people filled to the brim with fraudugees.

Leaked documents published Wednesday reveal extensive details about the harsh conditions faced by asylum seekers who have tried to reach Australiaby boat and are being held on the remote Pacific island of Nauru.

More than 2,000 incident reports, written by detention-center staff members and published by The Guardian, describe episodes of violence, including sexual assault, and self-harm. Most of the cases involved children, the newspaper said, although children made up just 18 percent of the people in detention at the time of the reports. The files extend from May 2013 to October 2015.

While the difficult conditions in the island nation have long been known, the documentation will give new evidence to opponents of Australia’s policies toward asylum seekers.

Under those policies, migrants who try to reach Australia by boat without a valid visa are held offshore in Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Even if given refugee status, they are prevented from resettling in Australia.

The Australian authorities say such tough measures are necessary to discourage attempts to make the risky voyages by sea, which have sometimes ended in mass drownings. The number of attempted boat arrivals has declined sharply since the Labor Party government of Julia Gillard revived a program of offshore detentions in 2012, and the policy is maintained today under Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of the conservative Liberal Party.

Human rights advocates and some Australian politicians say the policy is unnecessarily harsh and puts vulnerable people at further risk of physical and mental harm.

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NOTE: Cry me a river……..

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