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The catalyst for the article is the following excerpt from a article on the inter-faith leadership’s response to the decaptiation of a Catholic priest in Normandy France:

Det brutala mordet på den katolske prästen Jacques Hamel har gett terrorn på europeisk mark ett nytt ansikte. Som ledare inom judendom, kristendom och islam tar vi starkt avstånd från allt religiöst motiverat våld, skriver artikelförfattarna.

Terror in the Name of God. To respond to terrorist threats with appeals to a cultural struggle would be fatal. We want to join hands and say we need religious meetings and intelligent conversation about religion. A situation where incitement pretends to be realism and cooperation is counter productive, writes representatives for Jews, Christians and Muslims in Sweden.

This nonsensical kum-baya meme is one thing, that it was co-authored by a Muslim Brotherhood Islamonazi is entirely another. This goes to show just how corrupted interfaith dialogue exchanges are, and that the mainstream religious community (non-Islamic) are being run by ignoramuses. Kudos to the SVD for running this piece.


Muslim Brotherhood is an odd choice by the Church of Sweden

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mb in sweden

To respond to terrorist threats with appeals to a culture war would be disastrous, writes in an article in Dagens Nyheter , written by a number of religious leaders, including the Archbishop. The article teaches to face some criticism, but one detail amazes particular.

One of the signatories is Mahmoud Khalfi, chairman of the Swedish Imam Council.

For he is also reportedly one of the top leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden.

It has been described by Mahmoud Aldebe – who calls himself one of the founders of the Swedish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, but has now dropped out. He told how the Brotherhood “is established in Sweden under the name of the Islamic Association in Sweden”, which in turn dominates a number of organizations such as the United Islamic associations in Sweden, study association Ibn Rushd, Sweden’s Young Muslims (SUM), Stockholm mosque and Gothenburg mosques.

Aldebe characterized the Swedish branch of the Brotherhood as an elite-driven activity with the goal to “protect Sweden’s Muslims from the ‘getting lost’ in Western society, which is considered both sinful and wicked.” Aldebe also said that it has a line outward and an inward. “It drives the dialogue with Christian and Jewish communities in public forums, but internally they would be spreading fears about them. They talk of democracy, but do the opposite. The union managed to fool everyone who wants to have dialogue with Islam in Sweden. ”

Aldebe also pointed out the leadership, including Khalfi, debate the article signatories. ( Aldebe can be read in full here ).


Religion scholar Sameh Egypts pointed out in April how Khalfi wrote in an article in Tunis News in 2013, when Khalfi described a “breakthrough for Islamists in Swedish politics.” There, it was said that Sweden “has normalized relations with the Islamic Association which is known for its affiliation to the Muslim Brotherhood.” ( Egypt’s translation )


Brotherhood character of the global network – which has been described by, among others, terrorism researcher Lorenzo Vidini – makes it understood that the needs are always going to deny that a certain organization is subordinate to the Brotherhood.

But as they say, when the press investigates : “Everyone knows that they are the Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden.”

The Swedish terrorism researcher Magnus Norell described in an article in July the network structure and how it has been able to be so successful.

“It is no exaggeration to say that the Muslim Brotherhood is the father of the Islamic networks and organizations that currently dominate political Islam in the West, including Sweden,” summed Norell.


Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East also has a history of political violence. Brotherhood in Syria carries now the war in the name of Islam.Palestinian Hamas is an offshoot of the Brotherhood.

For parts of the Brotherhood is the organization’s famous motto thus very concrete: “Allah is our objective; The Prophet is our leader; The Koran is our law; Jihad is our way; and Death for Allah’s glory is our highest aspiration. “

People interested but also in the hope that the Brotherhood should have a democratic potential. These hopes were dashed, however, to some extent when the Brotherhood’s success in Egypt was about to end in theocracy, then the democratic experiment fell victim to a military coup.

More here in Swedish

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