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Jonas Gahr Støre is an irrational anti-Israel hater, having been called out as such by the Israeli foreign ministry.

In addition, a book written by two Norwegian doctors who were the only foreigners in Gaza to give interviews during Operation Cast Lead was published recently. The book, which accuses IDF soldiers of deliberately killing women and children, is a bestseller in Norway and has been warmly recommended by none other than Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

He took to promoting the lies by Norwegian Hamas stooges, Mads Gilbert and Erik Fosse in their anti-Israel screed packed book on Operation Cast Lead, and provided it funding.

And this asinine Hamas-hole-ophile is going to stand in judgement of Donald Trump? He acts as if he hasn’t a history.

Norway Labour leader calls Trump ‘deeply disturbing’

Norway Labour leader calls Trump 'deeply disturbing'

Jonas Gahr Støre said modern politics was divided between those offering hope and those exploiting fear. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Published: 05 Aug 2016 17:13 GMT+02:00

The man slated to be Norway’s next Prime Minister has joined the chorus of senior European politicians breaking with convention to condemn Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate.

Jonas Gahr Støre, the leader of Norway’s Labour party, said that  Trump’s statements on NATO and Russia were so “deeply disturbing” that it was no longer possible to keep to the convention of not commenting on other countries’ elections.

“It is disturbing for Norway that someone who could become President of the US is putting in doubt the principles and obligations of Nato and opening up for reconsideration the doctrine of ‘one for all, all for one’,” Støre told Norway’s VG newspaper.

Støre joins French President François Hollande, Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in openly speaking out against a Trump presidency.

Hollande went so far as to say that the businessman and reality TV star’s “excesses make you want to retch”, while Steinmeier on Friday called the US Republican presidential candidate a “hate preacher”.

In nearby Sweden, Löfven has complained that Trump’s campaign was based on “fear and division”.

Støre said that Trump’s statements had been so extreme that it was no longer possible to remain silent.

“The usual thing has been to be reluctant to comment on other countries’ elections, but this is an election with an impact far beyond the US,” he said. “There are both attitudes and opinions coming from Trump around politics which I think make it completely unnatural to sit idly still and watch.”

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