Courtesy of Vlad Tepes:

Australian govt. conducts raids, arrests counter-jihad activists in Victoria

According to the Daily Mail:

A man arrested in anti-terrorism raids in Melbourne is believed to be a notorious Reclaim Australia member.

Phillip Galea, 31, was arrested at his home in Braybrook, in Melbourne’s west, as police launched a series of raids across Victoria, The Herald Sun reported.

Galea, well known as a leader of the extreme right-wing Reclaim Australia group, was jailed last year just days before an anti-mosque rally after a court decided he had weapons ready for an ‘aggressive attack’.

But according to the actual leader of Reclaim Australia, Mike Holt, who by coincidence was interviewed just the other day and posted here, none of this is factually correct.

Here is the police video on the raids:

And the interview with Mike Holt done just a few days earlier.

It is possible that there was something kinetic being planned. But at the moment it all looks a great deal like the CVE to me. A desperate attempt to take focus of Islamic jihad by arresting some highly benign people fighting for democracy and classical liberalism by low grade and fully legal street actions.

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