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A knife to the neck at reception center in Kotka – Police used Stun-guns

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published: 5.8. 10:15

Police suspect an Iraqi man, among other things, of attempted manslaughter.

The Iraqi man raged with a knife in Kotka, located at Laajakoski reception center on Wednesday night, says the Southeast Finland Regional Police.

Police are investigating a number of events which occurred during the evening in the case of attempted manslaughter, aggravated assault and unlawful threats.

The ERC (emergency center) informed the police shortly before 20 o’clock that a man with the knife is raging at the reception center .

A number of police were dispatched to the scene, emergency rescue and ambulance units. According to initial data, one person had been struck with a knife and the rampage continued.

The police arrived on the scene and began to locate the person in question and at the same time to evacuate other persons in the building to safety.

The police took into custody an Iraqi man born in 1989 outside of the center.

Police used in connection with the apprehension Stun-guns.

According to officials the apprehended person struck one reception center’s inhabitants with a knife to the neck, but this was partly blocked with a blow with his hands. For this reason, the victim did not receive serious injuries.

According to police, the suspect was trying to strike a second person with a knife, but one of the residents went between them. This person received cuts.

In the third case, the Iraqi man caught by police caught held the knife to the neck of one residents. This did not result in any injuries.

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