Wilful stooges or in the tank with Islamonazis…..

UPDATE: I called the Finnish branch of World Vision, speaking with one of their staff, she thanked me for the info and admitted that she hadn’t any knowledge of the arrest and the charges. Finland’s branch of World Vision doesn’t send any aid money to Gaza.

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Gee…..what would Jesus say?

NOTE: The war against the Jews could not exist without the help of the West.

Hamas took over international aid group to funnel millions to military wing, Shin Bet says

Top official in Christian aid group World Vision charged with funneling funds to Hamas’ military wing.

Gili Cohen

The Hamas Islamist organization, which controls the Gaza Strip, has allegedly infiltrated the international Christian-sponsored aid group World Vision, which provides services in the strip, and has used it to funnel tens of millions of dollars to Hamas’ military wing, Israel’s Shin Bet security service has reported.

Following the lifting of a gag order, it can be reported that in June, the Shin Bet arrested the director of World Vision’s Gaza branch at the Erez crossing point while he was en route from Israel to Gaza. The director, Mohammad el- Halabi, is suspected of carrying out a number of security offenses, with the Shin Bet contending that he directed World Vision funds to Hamas’ military wing for use in part to dig military-related tunnels and to purchase weapons.

Aid groups urge world to push for end of Gaza blockade.

Hamas: Quartet demands acceptance of two-state solution
A sum of $80,000 from British donors that had been contributed to assist needy families, the unemployed and in support of various projects in the Gaza Strip were used to build a Hamas position in the Gaza town of Beit Hanun, to pay Hamas activists’ salaries as bonus payments to Hamas members who had fought Israel during the 2014 war, the Shin Bet said.

Halabi’s actions were allegedly taken with the knowledge of other World Vision employees and sometimes with their involvement, the Shin Bet asserts, but were hidden from World Vision’s top officials. About a month ago, after an order was issued extending Halabi’s detention, World Vision issued a statement saying that the group was were seeking his release. The group said Halabi was a reliable colleague for a period of a decade who had always worked hard and professionally.

For its part, the Shin Bet contends that about 60 percent of the funds from World Vision’s Gaza operations were diverted to Hamas. Under Shin Bet interrogation, Halabi is said to have provided considerable information about the methods used to transfer the funds. He would allegedly invite a fictitious public bidding process in which the funds would actually be sent directly to Hamas. The Islamic group’s members would purportedly be recorded as farmers entitled to assistance and their children would allegedly be recorded as having disabilities so that they would also qualify for assistance.

Some of World Vision’s own funds were said to have been transferred to Hamas to building military positions and to finance tunnel digging, through the purchase of excavation equipment, iron, piping and building materials.

More here. H/T: Dr.Brian of London

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  1. If one wanted to pull the wool over the West’s eyes, what better disguise than an organization attached to Christians. We, dear friends, are not being “wise as serpents”. There the islamonazis are, hiding in plain sight. How many rockets, knives, and weapons aimed at Israel did we supply? And to think of the idiot Ali-obama and his thousands of thieves sending $400million to aid and comfort a sworn enemy, could satan be any happier these days?

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