If not for the extreme mediocrity which is prevalent in our societies, this could never have happened. 

Perversion of justice: Hard working Australian family faces deportation while an illegal migrant we DID allow to remain went on to carry out a violent rape 

Family fight deportation after Home Office breaks vow to let them stay

Australians Kathryn and Gregg Brain, who moved to Dingwall in the Scottish Highlands with their son Lachlan in 2011, say they will be left ‘homeless, jobless and significantly in debt’ if forced to leave Britain.

The family had moved to the UK on Mrs Brain’s student visa – but the terms of their stay were later changed by the Government.

Mr Brain says the family has racked up a five-figure debt in their fight with the Home Office to remain in the UK, saying that Scotland was ‘the place that we felt like we really belonged’. They had until midnight last night to secure a job that met Home Office visa requirements.

Meanwhile, Ethiopian-born refugee Elias Hussain Mahmud, who illegally entered Britain, raped a young woman on her way to work months after being granted the right to stay here.

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  1. There’s no better example than this of how utterly brainless the UK immigration law and bureaucracy is.

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