While it can’t be properly ascertained (now), I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the act of Muslims ”offended” by the nude statues.

Vandal caused extensive damage to a Vantaa park sculpture  – tips leading to an arrest will recieve a substantial reward

(PHOTO: Jean Ramsay )



Sculptures by artist Laila Pullinen were pushed over  twice within one week in Nissbacka Manor’s sculpture park in Vantaa Sotunki.
A 1970’s UNESCO nature reserve themed sculptures Last Flora and last Apollo has been vandalized during the previous week between Friday and Saturday night and again on Wednesday, at Nissbacka Manor sculpture park in Vantaa Sotunki.

The sculptures featured at the park are by, Laila Pullinen, an artist who died last winter. After her mother’s death, the park and manor of adminisrator, Jean Ramsay, deems the falling of the sculptures as an exceptionally outrageous act.

– The bronze flowers in the characters hands are damaged. Now, with the sculptures’ creator no longer existing, it is invaluable damage,  he wrote Nissbacka’s Facebook page , where he published pictures of the felled sculptures factors in order to track down the culprits.

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