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Brawl breaks out between Danish asylum centres

The fight started after a player disputed a foul call. Photo: sunnybright/Iris/Scanpix

Brawl breaks out between Danish asylum centres

Published: 21 Jul 2016 09:24 GMT+02:00

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The fight between boys at the children’ asylum centres Børnecenter Tullebølle and Børnecenter Hundstrup broke out after a football match between the two groups on Saturday but was reported by TV2 Fyn on Wednesday evening. 


Ulrik Pihl, the leader of the Holmegaard Asylum Centre, which administers the Tullebølle centre, told TV2 Fyn that things got out of hand after a referee gave a free kick to one of the clubs. A player heatedly disputed the call and things quickly escalated from there. 


Witnesses told TV2 Fyn that upwards of 100 boys were involved in the violent fight. 


A couple who lives next to the football pitch said part of the brawl spilled over into their yard and up to 15 boys went at it with both their fists and iron chains. 


“We sat in the living room and heard a bunch of yelling and screaming from the yard. When we looked out we saw these ten to 15 boys wailing away on one another. It was a pure blood frenzy,” Karen Marie told TV2 Fyn. 


Marie said that she and her husband then saw a group attack the bus that was transporting the boys from Børnecenter Hundstrup away from the scene. A photo from TV2 Fyn shows that one of the bus’s windows was smashed in. 

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