My personal view is that Islam cannot be moderated, because Islam is Islam, and the post-hijra adherenta, knowing full well about European/Western civilization history, are cognizant of what follows an actual, real reformation/enlightenment, ….modernity, and will reject it.

Daniel Pipes on the Future of Europe

In a new video, renowned Islamic scholar Daniel Pipes envisions three possible scenarios for the future of Europe as the Muslim population expands dramatically.  The first scenario is that everything will somehow continue the status quo without any need to make major policy shifts, what Pipes terms the “working hypothesis” of current European governments.  The next option is the Islamic takeover of Europe, due to the demographics of low birthrate among native Europeans and the Muslim baby boom coupled with the influx of refugees from Islamic failed states.  The last possibility is that native Europeans will push back against Islamization, and although this rejection may at times be ugly, it will become a reality as Europe struggles to cope with the vast cultural upheaval which is already affecting daily reality in Europe.

What is interesting about this clip is that while Pipes still declares that the demise of Islamism will happen, reflecting his belief in the possible moderation of Islam, he pragmatically implies that counter-jihad movements will gain more and more popular support, leading to a containment of Islamization.  In other words, Europe cannot wait for Islam to moderate, instead it must change its position to preserve its identity.

Several further points need to be made.  Firstly, while Pipes cites that the Muslim population of Europe is around 5%, this is only an average.  In Eastern and Central Europe, the figures are much lower due to a lack of welfare incentives and popular and governmental opposition to the migrant influx; in most of these states fewer than 1% are Muslim.  In France and Germany the percentages are much higher, and will continue to climb; as the Islamic world’s failed states remain hostile and anarchic battlegrounds, migration becomes the most attractive option for their citizens.  It is certain that the necessary pushback will have to come soon in Western Europe.

This means that the tipping point for the Islamization of Europe is coming up much sooner than expected.  Objects in the rear view mirror are indeed closer than they appear.  The question is where is that tipping point?  At what point does life for Christians, atheists, Jews and others become unbearable in the streets of Paris or Nice or even on the trains in Germany?  

As the events in Europe and elsewhere are showing week after week and day after day, Pipes’ projected moderation of Islam is not happening now.  Even if it were likely in two or three years, this is no comfort and no use to those already living in a changed reality where the more brutal an attack is, the more Muslims are inspired to join ISIS.   Despite U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s idiotic claim that ISIS attacks show “desperation”, Muslims read these terror attacks as strength.  Europe must fight back with strength, not politically correct apologies.

In a very interesting talk given by Dr. Efraim Inbar of BESA, Inbar points out that EU nations take more pro-Islamic positions in the context of the EU than they do as individual countries.  In this light, Brexit seems a hopeful first step for the UK, which has already experienced decades of damage from Islamic influence and the political correctness which shields Muslim criminality.  However, as Pipes noted in his talk, pushback will be painful, and nowhere will the struggle be more difficult than in academia.

This week brown-shirt wannabe Malia Bouattia of the UK’s National Union of Students, cast the deciding vote rescinding the Jewish students’ right to represent themselves on the NUS’s Anti-Racism and Anti-Fascism Committee.  This is yet another example of antisemitism in the Islamo-Leftist axis in the UK, where Jewish students are maligned and targeted simply for being Jewish.  However, it goes much farther this time because the right of redress has been effectively squelched by the very organization which should defend these students.  

Unless adults, meaning university administrators and education funding authorities, step in to fix this problem at the NUS, the UK will be signaling again that radical Muslims are welcome to dominate and destroy democratic institutions. Bouattia must be shown the door, and NUS policies set aright. 

 Similarly, other Western European countries must assimilate the lesson that weakness and appeasement, political correctness and passivity are the cowardly route, not the way to a “more tolerant” society, but a route to an even more intolerant society.  If there is any chance for Islam to moderate, it is only through outside influence pushing back against extremism. Whether that moderation process can happen or not is immaterial to the pragmatic actions which must be taken now in order to save Europe from becoming Eurabia.  

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  1. The most likely scenario: growing Muslim populations will increasingly cast the deciding vote in national elections. This was the case with Holland. Politicians which depend upon Muslim voters are likely to be “tolerant”. They won’t oppose continued Muslim immigration, they won’t stand in the way of more Sharia, and they won’t crack down too hard on those who seek to fundamentally alter existing norms and traditions.

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