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How Islamofauxbic of them…..

If they hadn’t imported the islamic 3rd world into their country, they wouldn’t have to be handling these kinds of cases.

Swedish court jails dad over forced marriage

Swedish court jails dad over forced marriage

The ruling was a first in Sweden. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Published: 15 Jul 2016 11:19 GMT+02:00

The man was locked up for four years by Lund’s district court in southern Sweden on Friday on a number of charges, including forced marriage, assault and unlawful detention. He was also told to pay 100,000 kronor ($11,709) in damages to his daughter.

Another man, a friend of the father, was sentenced to jail for three years for unlawful detention and sexual molestation. However the court cleared the father’s son, who was also a suspect, of all charges.

The daughter, who already had a boyfriend in Sweden, was lured to Afghanistan under false pretences last year. She had been told that she would meet several potential suitors there, and would have the chance to say no.

The local

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