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Gun and truck terror attack leaves at least 80 dead in Nice: Bodies strewn across road after lorry drove for over a MILE through crowd watching holiday fireworks before gunman opens fire

  • At least 80 people are dead and 50 have been injured in a Bastille Day attack in Nice, southern France
  • Eyewitnesses reported a gunfight between police responding to the attack and suspects at the scene 
  • Witnesses said the driver crashed his truck into a group of people, jumped down and opened fire with a gun 
  • Thousands of people were in the city watching Bastille Day fireworks when the attack began 
  • US President Barack Obama condemned the massacre describing it as what appears to be ‘a horrific terrorist attack
  • Police confirmed identity documents belonging to a French Tunisian man, 31, from Nice were found in the truck 







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At least 80 people have been killed and more than 50 injured after a truck mowed down crowds for more than a mile before the driver got out and sprayed crowds with bullets in a terror attack during the Bastille Day celebrations in the French city of Nice.

Identity documents belonging to a 31-year-old French Tunisian were found in the truck according to security sources. 

The source said: ‘The identification of the truck driver is still underway.’ The recovered documents indicate the man is a resident of Nice.

One eyewitness described seeing ‘bodies flying like bowling pins’ and ‘hearing noises, cries that I will never forget’ as the horror unfolded on a busy promenade at around 10.30pm last night.t

The truck driver was said to have shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ — God is greatest — before being shot dead by police. Pro-ISIS groups have been celebrating the attack but as yet the terror group has not officially claimed responsibility.

Guns and grenades were later found inside the truck, which mounted the pavement at approximately 40mph and steered directly towards hundreds of people watching a fireworks display.

Anti-terror police swooped in as the city was put on lockdown and residents were warned to stay indoors for their safety. Gunshots rang out in the streets, with gunmen targeting hotels and cafes in the port city in the south of France. 

Addressing the nation, French President Francois Hollande said several children were among the dead. He said it was ‘undeniable’ the massacre was a terrorist attack.

He said there were 80 victims dead, including children with a further 20 people gravely wounded.


A truck ploughed through a large group of people in Nice during a suspected terrorist attack which claimed 'dozens of lives' 

A truck ploughed through a large group of people in Nice during a suspected terrorist attack which claimed ‘dozens of lives’ 

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