Doing Mohamed, the founder of Islam, very very proud…..

Breaking prisoners’ ribs on a ‘flying carpet’, taunting them with severed heads and locking women in cages filled with skulls: Activists reveal horrific torture methods used by ISIS 


  • Activists in Raqqa have been revealing the brutal ISIS torture techniques 
  • Among them is the ‘flying carpet’ which sees prisoner’s ribs crushed 
  • Women are also taunted by being locked in metal cages with human skulls
  • Terror group rules the city of Raqqa and is quick to hand out punishments 

Activists have revealed the horrific torture methods that are being deployed by ISIS which includes breaking prisoners’ ribs and taunting women by locking them in cages with human skulls.

The terror group controls the Syrian city of Raqqa with an iron fist and is quick to hand out punishment to those who don’t live by their rules.

But now the activist movement ‘Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently’ has lifted the lid on the brutal torture methods handed out to people who defy the jihadists.

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