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Like I’ve said before, they would literally be the last member state of the EU  standing, and hesitating to turn out the lights.

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They’ve easily surrendered their liberty in exchange for the promise of security and are going to lose on both grounds. The Finns Party faces overwhelming odds to turn Finnish drone-like thinking on the EU. Sacred to death to be alone in the international arena, they choose EU democratic despotism to being included into the Russian version.

To show just how well conditioned/submissive they are in bowing to massive bureaucratic states (from centuries of being in the Swedish empire and then as a Russian Duchy) they have incorporated pro-EU language into their own constitution (a statist written document of there ever was one).

Professor: Finns Party anti-EU stance grounds for boot from coalition

Professor of political science Kimmo Grönlund from Åbo Akademi says that Finland’s membership in the union is one of the government programme’s top priorities, and that the party should consider leaving the three-party coalition.

Åbo Akademin tutkimusjohtaja, dosentti Kimmo Grönlund.

Professor Kimmo Grönlund, who says the Finns Party could be kicked out of government for their anti-EU stance. Image: Sami Tammi / Yle

Two thirds of the Finns Party parliamentary group said in an Yle survey that they would be willing to organise referendums on Finland remaining in the European Union and the Eurozone. Political researcher Kimmo Grönlund says that the party’s pro-vote stance is hampering the government’s work.

“This is completely unsustainable behaviour,” Grönlund says. “We have a three-party coalition government where each core party has committed to a common government programme. One of the cornerstones of that programme is that Finland is a European state. There cannot be differences of opinion on this within government.”

Finland’s multi-party system, with a coalition based on majority popularity, is prone to internal dissent. Professor Grönlund points out that Jyrki Katainen’s erstwhile six-party government was not ideologically consistent, which caused rows.

“This is a significant issue because Finland’s EU membership is written in the country’s constitution,” Grönlund says. “The first section of the constitution unequivocally states that Finland is a member of the European Union. So this attitude in the Finns Party is far more than just a profile boost, especially since their chair is the Foreign Minister.”

PM must react

Grönlund says that Prime Minister Juha Sipilä must bring order to his government, and that Finns Party head and Minister of Foreign Affairs Timo Soini has to solve the EU referendum-related problems within his own party.

“If outbursts like these don’t end, Sipilä would do well to show the Finns Party the door,” Grönlund says. “This is first and foremost Sipilä’s responsibility and an internal issue for the Finns Party. It is simply not acceptable for them to diverge from the government programme, because MPs are the ones whose trust the government must enjoy.”

Government must persevere

Grönlund says he understands that the majority of Finns MPs feel that a referendum would be the best way to address the party’s potential voters.

“That being said, the Finns Party is a government coalition partner and has accepted the programme. There’s just no way that they can go around contradicting the government line. This attitude must be fixed, and the government needs to be able to function together for another three years.”

Markku Jokisipilä, head of the parliamentary research centre at the University of Turku, says that the results of Yle’s survey are both understandable and confusing.

“It’s understandable in that the Finns Party was born out of an EU-critical stand. But the result is somewhat baffling in that the survey’s findings do not support the fact that the party has promised to abide by the government programme and the constitution.”

NOTE: As for the getting out of the Euro, the EU statists will do that all by themselves, it’s imploding.

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