Pat Condell


Been watching him for years, he’s spot on.

This will only increase (thankfully) his subscription numbers.

Bang on or just plain bigoted? Meet the British pensioner whose outspoken views on Islam, feminism and political correctness have racked up more than 60 million views (and a few death threats) 

  • Pat Condell, 66, from London, has 275,000 subscribers to his monologues
  • His video called ‘Welcome to a Saudi Britain’ was removed from YouTube
  • He has been called an ‘old fart with a webcam’
  • Biography on his website reads: ‘I don’t care if you are offended’

A British pensioner who boasts ‘I don’t care if you are offended’ has become an unlikely hit on YouTube for his outspoken opinions on controversial issues.

Pat Condell, 66, has 275,000 subscribers and has racked up more than 64 million views of his dead-pan monologues on issues including Islam, feminism, the EU and political correctness.

But Mr Condell, who was born in Ireland and lives in London, has attracted lots of criticism, from being called an ‘old fart’ to receiving death threats.

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  1. Love pat. Saying his comments are bigoted proves that the truth is a problem. He calls out bullshit. It should happen more. Peace

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