Sweden: “Asylum seeking youths” behind wave of assaults against women in Östersund

Source: http://www.friatider.se/asylsokande-ungdomar-bakom-sexoverfall-i-ostersund

An original translation by Tania Groth

From this Swedish news site

Published June 26, 2016 at 15:10

By Mattias Albinsson

It was mainly the “young asylum seekers” who were behind the sex attacks against women in Östersund during the winter and spring says Stephen Jerand, Police Area Manager in Jämtland, to Östersund Posten.

On the night of March 6 two women were assaulted in central Östersund. On one occasion, a woman around 25 was knocked down Prästgatan (Priest Street) in center town by three men who then tried to rip off her clothes.

Later that night another woman was assaulted in the central part of the city. She was knocked down by a man who tried to press her head against the ground before he gave up and disappeared from the scene.

On both occasions, the perpetrators were identified as immigrants.

The two attacks were just two in a series of assaults against women in Östersund that caused the police to, a few days later, go out with a warning to the women of the city.

We encourage people, especially women not to move out alone at night, said police area manager Stephen Jerand on 7 March.

But the warning not to go out alone at night did not prevent the perpetrators from attacking during the daytime. At five o’clock on the afternoon of March 11 an 18-year old woman was assaulted and beaten after she refused to give her phone number to a group of immigrants.

The attack, which occurred in the town center near a shopping mall, was the eleventh reported assault to the police over the course of just a few weeks.

The Police Report

But Östersund is not the only city in Sweden that is being hit by a wave of rapes and sexual assaults against women in the wake of the influx of asylum seekers.

Last month police received a report that shows that refugee and other immigrant groups were behind at least 80 percent of the sexual molestation reported in Swedish swimming establishments last year.

The report also addresses other sexual molestation and assault against women, which occurred at the establishments, and notes that they too are mostly perpetrated by immigrants.

The report portrayed additionally, eleven cases in which girls and young women were exposed to everything from sexual molestation to rape.

Stephen Jerand now confirms to the local newspaper that it is the same situation Östersund as it is in the rest of Sweden, and that is that it is immigrants who are behind the vast majority of assaults against women in the city.

When we receive refugees it is essential to let them know the rules that exist in Sweden and that women are also covered by them.

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