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Tzofar This Week

Sarona, Orlando, Ramadan

On May 23 Fox News intelligence reporter Catherine Herridge quoted ISIS spokesman and “Emir of Syria” Abu Mohammed al-Adnani’s call for terror attacks on soft targets in “Crusader nations” during the Muslim month of Ramadan. At the end of last week, Herridge again cited ISIS’s calls for jihad attacks against civilians during Ramadan following the massacre in the Pulse gay nightclub attack in Orlando.


Other media outlets and reports have downplayed the Islamic element, choosing to blame the National Rifle Association and the Republican Party for the Orlando bloodbath. In a moment of liberal bigotry, television personality Joy Behar even went so far as to blame Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for “working with ISIS to kill us.” Behar’s rant included calling Trump ISIS’s “chief recruiter”. Behar and her pals were vehement in saying that there is no proven link between the Orlando shooter and ISIS, though he pledged support to ISIS during his killing spree.

This kind of blame-the-conservatives-and-gun-toters rhetoric is at best idiotic, and at worst dangerous. Perpetually outrageous and much smarter, Milo Yiannopoulos this week called for gays to carry guns . As he pointed out, putting Muslims at the top of the minorities list for special treatment is a big mistake because they would actually like to kill off the rest of the groups on the list–including gays and so-called feminists, a reality that Behar and Goldberg choose to ignore.

The name for this is stubborn refusal to blame Muslims is “intersectionality”. As I have written previously, this is also the way in which professional “feminists” squelch criticism of the abuse of women in Islamic societies. To criticize Islam’s treatment of women would be “racist”. While the View ladies are busy exculpating Islam, and claiming that lone wolf attackers are not really ISIS, these women are the actual abettors of terrorism. By dulling their media audience to the reality of current terror threats, they are effectively campaigning for the ideologues and bumblers who through sins of omission or commission have aided the Middle East implosion.

Al-Adnani, who is one of ISIS’s elite leaders, said the following in 2014 as part of the declaration of the ISIS caliphate under Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi:


By Allah, if you disbelieve in democracy, secularism, nationalism, as well as all the other garbage and ideas from the west, and rush to your religion and creed, then by Allah, you will own the earth, and the east and west will submit to you. This is the promise of Allah to you.”

Following his arrest in Iraq’s Anbar province Al-Adnani served for 5 years in Coalition prison, but was released in 2010. Here is yet another case where upon release a detainee ran back in to the field to do exactly what he was doing before he was arrested, working with the Iraqi branch of Al-Qaeda, which later devolved into ISIS.


When Western apologists claim that ISIS has nothing to do with real Islam, they are merely parroting statements made by Muslim spokespeople such as Syria’s U.N. representative Bashar Ja’afari. Jafari called the U.N.’s adoption of Resolution 2170 in 2014 “important”, and “stressed that ISIS and other groups had no connection with Islam or the heritage of the region”.  Resolution 2170 was a toothless motion condemning ISIS brutality and calling on member states to keep their citizens from flocking to Syria/Iraq to join ISIS. As we know now, very little has prevented the flow of outside recruits to ISIS, and even less is being done to stem the tide of ISIS terrorists and sympathizers from flowing into Europe and the U.S.

In the case of the U.S.-born Orlando shooter, the borderless recruiting via the internet has continued to be called “self-radicalization” and a “lone wolf attack” despite the heavy investment made by Muslim extremists in propaganda and outreach. Defining these attacks as either directly coordinated or not by ISIS is a technical but not a material point—the Muslim threat is loud and clear.

The tepid response from the U.S. government to the presence of terror elements in the U.S. includes the “if you see something, say something” campaign. Pages referencing the campaign on the U.S. Homeland Security website state not to use the page for reporting. Citizens are advised to contact the local police instead. Islamic terror is not mentioned.


Far from having nothing to do with Islam, these attacks have everything to do with Islam. The increased mosque attendance and communal gatherings during Ramadan translate into increased agitation for terror in this period. That is why the attacks in Tel Aviv’s Sarona mall and the Orlando attacks have everything to do with Islam and Ramadan. Ramadan ends on the 5th of July this year. Let’s hope the only bang America gets on the 4th of July comes from fireworks.

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