Nonie Darwish stated as much in an article a few years ago, about normalizing their (islam 101’ers) behavior, as if that’s the way we expect for them to behave so we have to modify our own behavior to keep them from blowing their lids. Read = self censorship, just one example of many.

How Islamists Are Slowly Desensitizing Europe And America


The freakouts when people raise valid questions over Islamist actions are meant to frighten people into silence so Islamists can continue their attacks.

Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical magazine whose offices Islamists attacked in 2015, published an editorial recently titled “How Did We Get Here?” that has raised some eyebrows. In it, they ask how Europe has become where European-born Muslims have attacked the hearts of Paris and Brussels. Their answer has proved distasteful to many on the Left.

The editorial has been harshly criticized and the magazine accused of racism and xenophobia. The Washington Post says Charlie Hebdo blames extremism on individual Muslims—the veiled woman on the street, the man selling kebabs. There’s some truth to this accusation, and to the extent that there is,Charlie Hebdo is wrong. But this, and other critiques, miss the larger point of the article, which is to demonstrate the gradual and quotidian way in which criticizing Islam has been silenced.

It’s worth quoting Charlie Hebdo at length:

More here.

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