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The woman is barely cold and the jackals of the Left begin to pounce. This is the same mentality that went after (then) U.S. VP candidate, Sarah Palin for using cross hairs of towns/cities to target on the campaign trial. It evaporated into thin air once it became known that the Democrats used the very same type of map.

‘Making political capital out of this is disgusting’: Labour MP faces backlash after criticising Leave campaign’s ‘very dangerous poster that risks inspiring extremists’ just hours after Jo Cox’s tragic murder

Labour MP Neil Coyle faces backlash after criticising Leave EU on Newsnight

Neil Coyle, Labour MP for Bermondsey and Southwark, said Leave campaigners were putting out ‘very dangerous’ material which ‘risks inspiring the hard-right’ as he commented on Jo Cox’s death. He also appeared to suggest the attacker who ambushed the 41-year-old outside a West Yorkshire library may have been politically motivated and criticised UKIP’s new poster depicting migrants.

Mrs Cox, a married mother-of-two, was shot three times – once in the head – and stabbed repeatedly by an attacker who ambushed her as she arrived for a constituency surgery yesterday afternoon.

The MP, who was elected to cover the Batley and Spen area of West Yorkshire last year, died from catastrophic injuries a short time after the incident which sent shockwaves around Westminster. Appearing on Newsnight last night following her death, Mr Coyle – a friend and colleague of Ms Cox – said the Leave campaign should be ‘careful’ about the material it publishes.

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  1. Of course the MP is right: some Ukip propaganda has been outrageous, resentment and hate against refugees and the EU.

    1. UKIP are not about racism, they are about facts!,
      Truth will Prevail!!!!!!!!
      Vote Leave on the 23rd June and take back control of our Country!!!!!!!!
      UK independent’s Day!!!!!!!!

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