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Now, will ”The Local” and all these publications, after the skies fail to crash, ever admit to having been wrong in disseminating scare tactic laced screeds to fool the good people of the UK to get their minds right? Nope.

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'Please don't go,' German weekly begs Britain

“The choice is between a moment of pride and a new future built together.” Photo: DPA

Germany’s top selling weekly on Saturday begged Britons to stay in the European Union, in a special issue published less than two weeks ahead of the June 23 referendum.

Please don’t go!” reads the front cover of Der Spiegel magazine in both English and German with a full-page Union Jack as the cover image.

“Why Germany needs the British,” the 23-page special dubbed “the Brexit issue” sets out to explain.

“The choice is between a moment of pride and a new future built together,” wrote the magazine’s editors in chief Klaus Brinkbaeumer and Florian Harms.

“If Britain is clever, it will remain a member of the EU, because it will recognise that the future of the West is at stake,” they added in their editorial column.

“So if Britain is clever, it will realise that it is not a world power on its own, that it will lose much with a yes to Brexit on June 23, and gain nothing but a brief moment of pride.”

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