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Tzofar This Week

The Islamic Infiltration Continues

Writing for INN, Giulio Meotti reports that UK academic, historian Catherine Hall, has refused the Dan David prize for her work, and the $300,000 award which goes with it. Hall rejected the honor because she boycotts Israel. Hall is not the first UK academic to boycott Israel, and she probably won’t be the last either.

In a sad note for academic freedom, Meotti notes that the Saudis have spent an estimated £233 million on “Islamic study centers” at selected universities in England, including where Hall sits on the faculty. Other Gulf States have donated money to and invested in local branches of UK universities. But this is not a new phenomenon. Big donations have been flowing into the coffers of Western academia for many years.

Large sums of money from Islamic donors encourage appeasing, anti-Israel politics.

It is no surprise that we have become accustomed to the automatic Israel-bashing on university campuses. Muslim students and ignorant left-wingers (a.k.a. useful idiots) have become a de rigeur part of the campus landscape.

Another place Israel-bashing has become routine is among major UK churches. The Church of England put cyberspace restrictions on its own Rev. Stephen Sizer for his very visible “9/11 truther” Facebook posts last year. However, they never censored hundreds of pages of anti-Israel screed he has already published. In fact, the Church of England is the parent and partner of the supersessionist organization Sabeel, which offers Sizer’s books for sale on its website.

Sabeel has resurrected the Christ-killer accusation against Jews with a twist. In Sabeel’s demented vision, “Roman” Jews are crucifying not just one Jesus, but hordes of them, since the Palestinian “Jesuses” are all suffering under the “occupation”. Yes, the landscape of “Palestine” is littered with Palestinians nailed up to dry by the Israelis—you just need special glasses to see them. Of course, the Church of England is just one of the many WCC churches which buy into this narrative and actively support Sabeel and other pro-terrorist organizations.

Now here is another absurdity: the Church of England’s Dr. Clare Amos, also a WCC interfaith official, is a WCC representative to the Saudi’s purported interfaith project, KAICIID. The Board of Directors includes the CofE’s Mark Poulson. (Another Board member is Rabbi David Rosen, a professional dialoguer and fig leaf for Israel bashing; Rosen is a founder of the anti-Israel group Rabbis for Human Rights. RHR was funded in large part by the Irish Catholic group Trócaire, an affiliate of the WCC’s Christian Aid group which also funds and promotes groups like Sabeel.)

After seven years of intergovernmental dialogue among the Saudis, Austria and Spain, KAICIID came up with a website which is mostly a shell with empty publicity platitudes like this stuffed in:

KAICIID Secretary General Faisal Bin Muaammar noted that “All of our relations depend upon trust. Trust results from inclusive dialogue, bringing together religious leaders, governments, teachers and civil society towards strengthening common citizenship for Muslims and Christians in the Arab world based on equality and respect for human rights.”

Choose any adjective you like to apply to the claim that Saudis are advocating respect for other faiths. Have they removed the “Muslims Only” sign on the Mecca exit, or allowed anyone to put up a church, or even a Christmas tree in public? Why speak of only Muslims and Christians? Could it be in part because, with the exit of the last Jews of Yemen this year, the Arabian Peninsula is looking pretty darn Judenrein?

Once upon a time the cantankerous television character Archie Bunker quipped that “if your mind is too open, your brain will fall out”. These faux-liberal diversity props for Islamic apologia also demonstrate that there is no limit to the amount of craven appeasement they can crank out in the pursuit of multi-cultural brownie points. The Saudis not only suppress other faiths, but actively discriminate against women. They routinely use medieval punishments for offenders such as lopping off hands and feet, beatings, and beheading by sword. Is it even remotely possible that these clerical “intellectuals” have never heard of these things, or are they actively choosing to ignore them? As in academia, is there a financial incentive operating?

How can anyone with a good conscience support this empty public relations exercise? Where is the moral voice of clergy in defense of the human rights? The obvious point of KAICIID is to gently numb UK and European target audiences with the help of its co-opted elites. Notably, the KAICIID website exists in English, German and Spanish only—there is no Arabic-speaking target audience for promoting tolerance. Governmental bureaucrats “labored” for years—probably on EU salaries—to come up with this farce of a project. In the meanwhile, Islamic migrant hordes swarm over the UK and Europe, openly admitting and demonstrating their intent to wipe out native European culture and bring submission to Islam.

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