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Then kick him out after time served.

The exact same should be done to every single Muslim fighting in the jihad, as well as for those who reject and work against the Western society they’re currently a citizen of.

Supreme Court strips terrorist of Danish citizenship

Supreme Court strips terrorist of Danish citizenship

Threats to his safety in Morocco could mean that Said Mansour, shown here in 2004, will remain in Denmark despite losing his citizenship. Photo: Carl Redhead/Scanpix

Published: 08 Jun 2016 13:44 GMT+02:00

Said Mansour, a convicted terrorist who has been called ‘The Bookseller from Brønshøj’ and ‘al-Qaeda’s PR man in Denmark’, is the first ever Dane to have his citizenship revoked for illegal activity.

The Supreme Court upheld a July 2015 ruling by the Eastern High Court that sentenced Mansour to  four years in prison and expulsion from the country with no chance to return.

Wednesday’s decision putting a final end to the Mansour case also marks the first time in Denmark’s history that someone has lost their citizenship for illegal activity.

The 56-year-old Danish-Moroccan was convicted for posting online threats, screeds, photos, links and messages that praise Osama bin Laden and call on his readers to join al-Qaeda’s al-Nusra front. Mansour has also posted videos of soldiers being executed in Syria and Iraq.

Additionally, he was convicted on charges related to the editing and publishing of three books considered to be terrorist propaganda.

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