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sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

Anything goes when serving the prime directive.

MP, Olle Thorell –Sure, these kids will cost a lot of money the coming years. But these kids are much more profitable than a Swedish baby. They can start paying taxes after 5-8 years, while it would take a Swedish baby 25-30 years.

Battle for young refugees in Sura

Sweden Democrat Stig Pettersson opposed with his two comrades that Sura would receive more unaccompanied.

Sweden Democrat Stig Pettersson opposed with his two comrades that Sura would receive more unaccompanied. Photo: Mikael Johansson

It was a little bit hectic in the city council when the SD opposed the municipality receiving more unaccompanied refugee children.

The municipality will receive 60 unaccompanied minors during the year. The council decided. That is 14 fewer than there was talk of just after the turn of the year.

– Sura has taken responsibility, considered Stig Pettersson (SD), claiming that the council would approve the agreement with the provincial government.

The statement outraged the feelings of all of the Social Democrats. Hardest revealed MP Olle Thorell.

– SD’s proposal is cynical, cold headed and inhumane, he noted.

SD’s argument to waive the agreement was that you did not know how much the young people would cost in the coming years.

– Sure, these young people cost money in the coming years. But these young people are much more profitable than a Swedish baby, said the newly-appointed father Thorell.

– The unaccompanied refugees can begin to work and pay taxes for five to eight years. A Swedish baby takes between 25 and 30 years.

Thorell also noted that the costs of the unaccompanied not come from the municipal fund, but you get extra money from the government.

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