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It’s so embarrassingly obvious…….

The great deception: Muslim migration dressed like a refugee crisis

When migrations marketed as a refugee crisis is the main reason why we continue to help the wrong and betray the weak.

The government plans to introduce additional 100.000 to 125.000 migrants from the Middle East over the next four years. The government behaves as if immigration is a kind of natural disaster that can not be stopped. The truth is the opposite: Immigration is a politician made disaster that can be stopped on the day tomorrow.

It requires that the Danish border closed, so entry can only be made with a valid passport and visa. Next, the right to spontaneous asylum removed from the legislation.Asylum must be sought from a refugee or from a Danish representation abroad.Everything else is to encourage continued migration and still drowning in the Mediterranean on the road to European countries with the coolest welfare services.

Each time the news or debate encounter the concept of refugee and refugee crisis, one can be sure to be misled by someone who either does not know what they are talking about, or even worse: who actually know it and yet choose to use the wrong concept.

The press with DR the lead, countless politicians, experts, opinion makers and people in general talk continued on refugees, refugee crisis, refugee centers, etc., Etc. On rare occasions you can hear and read about refugees and migrants, but never just about migrants.

Feature: Feature: Islam and cultural relativism go hand in hand

Frontex, the EU’s border agency, use consistently and exclusively concepts immigrantsor economic migrants – a terminology which is also the UN refugee organization UNHCR maintains. The word refugee hides the fact that we have a permanent migration, not with a temporary refugee crisis. Refugees call on our help and compassion, migrants is a sober term for people seeking better living conditions.

A refugee according to the Refugee Convention conferred certain rights but also certain duties. The most important right is the right to protection in the first safe country, refugee reach. The main obligation is that the refugee immediately and without delay, must register with the authorities as just a refugee and also very carefully must abide by the country’s authorities.

When the refugee is registered, takes over UN responsibility and coordinate lodging, maintenance and security in the camps. Refugees are obviously not prisoners in the camps, nor deprived of normal rights. But when the refugee chooses to leave the camp and secure country, the status at the UN from refugee to economic migrant. The economic migrant is not guaranteed the same rights. In fact, the economic migrant an illegal immigrant in the countries in which he passes or reside in.

When migrations marketed as a refugee crisis is the main reason why we continue to help the wrong and betray the weak.

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