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UPDATE: The reason why he was able to get to his gun, was that the perp’s gun misfired and he jumped to get his…the casing ejected from the gun as it misfired….! My sister was on her knees praying……he refused to turn around and the perp fired. Both perps were black.

Two thugs known to my sister and brother-in-law pushed their way into their house, stole their jewelry, money and other valuables and forced them to their knees with a gun at their heads. Thankfully my brother-in-law has guns all over his house, and managed to get his hands on one of them and shot one of the perps in the leg, who has since that time been arrested, the other is still on the loose.

Tiffany Gabbay at Truth Revolt picks up the TT’s story Here:

We think McNamara should give himself —  his cool under pressure, wisdom to arm himself, and fortitude to defend his family– more credit.
This incident proves an inconvenient truth for Democrats bent on vilifying lawful gun owners and the Second Amendment that protects them. We live in a dangerous time and it is imperative that people of goodwill not become sheep to the slaughter, which is of course what beta-male leftists would have us all become.


Thank god that both my sister and her husband are gun owners, they wouldn’t be alive today without them.

If you’re going to shoot me, you’r e going to shoot me looking at you!


Homeowner on Detroit’s west side shoots intruder, shares his story with 7 Action News

DETROIT (WXYZ) – It was a harrowing encounter on Detroit’s west side, when a homeowner shot the intruder who was holding him and his wife at gun point.

It happened before 6:00 Monday night at a home off Beaverland Rd. near Eaton.


Detroit police said two men ordered the homeowner and his wife into their house and then into the basement.


Daniel McNamara is the homeowner. He told his incredible story only to 7 Action News.


“He kept telling us to turn around, I said ‘No, I’m not going to turn around,’ I said ‘You’ve got to kill me face to face’,” said McNamara.


He said the suspects wanted him and his wife to turn around so they wouldn’t rememebr their faces.


During the home invasion, the suspects took both of the McNamara’s wedding rings, her purse, cash and cell phones.


“He kept pointing the gun at my head and said, ‘You don’t think I’ll kill you face to face?’ I said ‘I don’t know, but you’re going to have to because I’m not turning around’,” said McNamara.


He said he happened to have a gun stashed in the same area the suspects were holding the pair at gun point.


More here.



UPDATE: Exclusive interview with brother of Detroit home-invasion vic. PERPS are wanted COP KILLERS

This morning I spoke with Ken Sikorski, brother of the woman who was fired at three times and who’s husband shot the home invaders, covered here at The Rebel yesterday.


The video has a lot more information on the crime, not covered by the MSM, such as that the invaders are already wanted for murdering police officers.


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  1. Wow ! – Mein Host.

    Really glad your sister and BiL are okay.

    Had to look hard more than once at the story because the formatting looks just like the Daily Mail extracts, just to make sure you were actually talking about a personal matter.

    Hope the perps are chased off permanently – but I bet your family has to think about upping the security.

    1. Thanks ANE, They are fine, even better since they took an active role in fighting back….There is more to this story, will have an update soon.

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