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Grumbles grow as Merkel fights for Turkey refugee deal

Grumbles grow as Merkel fights for Turkey refugee deal

Merkel and Erdogan at a meeting in October 2015. Photo: DPA

Published: 23 May 2016 08:39 GMT+02:00

Merkel spent months spent negotiating the pact, which sees Turkey take back migrants who entered Europe illegally and send Syrian refugees from its own huge camps into Europe in exchange.

As well as the refugee exchange elements, the EU agreed to open further areas in the negotiation for Turkey’s entry into the club and to offer visa-free travel immediately to Turkish citizens.

But the deal is dependent on a Turkish President whose cracking down on political opposition and press freedom at home are becoming impossible to defend for the Chancellor.

Merkel finds herself caught between multiple fires. Left-wing critics have denounced the deal as illegal and a betrayal of refugees’ human rights, while right-wingers are angered by the idea of Europe and Germany being dependent on Erdogan.

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