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Only those persecuted by muslims/islam should be allowed into the West, not those doing the persecution.

Muslims Attack Yezidis: Brawl at an Asylum Home in North Rhine-Westphalia

An intramural migrant brawl broke out yesterday between Muslims and Yezidis in the German city of Bielefeld in North Rhine-Westphalia. The fight was instigated by Muslim “refugees” — specifically Chechens — who did serious harm to some of their victims. The Yezidis in the surrounding area were numerous enough to gather together and fight back, taking revenge on behalf of their ethnic fellows with knives and clubs.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from Neue Westfälische:

Mass brawl near Oldentruper Hof

Chechen and Yezidi refugees clash at refugee shelter near Bielefeld. Five injured. 100 Yezidis try to storm former hotel.

Bielefeld-Oldentrup. It seems, a religious war between Muslims and Yezidis escalated near the refugee shelter Oldentruper Hof.

The trigger was a mass brawl that took place around 6 pm on Potsdamer Street 500m from the Oldentruper Hof. It seems a group of 15 Chechens waited for a group of Yezidis and unexpectedly attacked them. Everyone involved in the brawl lives in the refugee home. The Chechens used clubs and knives and gravely wounded some of the victims.

Then later in the evening, according to police, about 100 Yezidis tried to storm the former hotel. But security and police were able to prevent this.

A 37-year-old woman driving by was alert and when she saw the fight she called an ambulance and police. As she saw the attackers flee, she got out of her car and provided first aid.

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