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Since I have weighed in on US politics on this site more than once, I believe I owe my readership an explanation of my political views.


This site was started over 10 yrs. ago, first and foremost, as a pro-Israel website. Focusing on published outrageous statements, comments and articles that first appeared in Finnish, I translated and broke them to the English speaking world. The Tundra Tabloids has broken a lot of stories, some of them reached to national importance here. One of them (back in 2008) to the national forefront in US presidential politics, featured on the Drudge Report.

I believe that this blog has served a unique purpose, for up until that time, hardly anyone within the English speaking blogosphere was aware of the anti-Israel / Jew hating views being disseminated in Finnish. This blog’s purpose was to expose that.

My interest in the Islamic phenomenon vis-a-vis the West extends from my pro-Israel work and views, it’s where I came to realize that Islam is a key component to the Arabs’ war against the Jewish state of Israel. It still is. With the backdrop of 9/11, the hegemonic impulse of Islam within our Western states, and the ease by which Muslims have infiltrated our systems, infrastructures and subverted our societies, naturally led me to the Counter-Jihad movement (defenders of classical liberalism), and I’m still here.

My political views have always been conservative in nature, a Reaganite, a defender of classical liberalism based upon the Enlightenment, free market capitalism, small government, in short…..liberty. My views haven’t changed, for my philosophy is based upon reason, logic and human experience. This brings me to the topic at hand which I addressed in the TT’s comments this morning.

A commenter was upset that I defended someone who I felt was wrongly besmirched in a headline at Breitbart News, and who took offence that I opposed the recent expression of Breitbart news during the advent of the Trump phenomenon. I believe that I relay my sentiments enough in the below response that I needn’t repeat them here.

That said, all my views politically and otherwise are filtered through my conservatism. I respect my readership, you’ll know my views and why I post this or that, irrespective if some or many may disagree with my thoughts. I do not promote any view that’s not in sync with my guiding philosophy, I owe my readers that integrity. If at times it means loosing a reader(s) so be it, I have to remain true to myself, while it’s nice to have high number of readers, that is not my prime objective, but in relaying the facts as I see them.


First, commenter Straightshooter:

Are you serious? Kristol is an idiot who is trying to destroy America’s and the Western World’s best shot at stopping this insanity from the Left and Islamists and you think that he should be protected? Really? You do know that the author of this article is David Horowitz, a preeminent JEWISH commentator? Please! Re-evaluate your position. It is not Breitbart that is wrong, it is YOU.

One more thing. Up until today I have been an irregular viewer of your site, after this absolutely baseless comment I think I will give you a few days more, if you continue on this path the you will be gone for me.

Sad really, for up until this you have made sense to me and I have used your site to view the Scandinavian perspective. Unfortunately you seem to have lost all perspective.

What’s going on here? Is Kristol a relative or something? What he is trying to do is nuts.

Hi Straightshooter, first of all, i’m not a Kristol supporter, i’m a constitutional conservative, that puts BK automatically outside my philosophical views. That said, I’m zeroing in on DH’s stupid headline, which will only serve every neo-nazi Jew hating website. Breitbart, while in the past having done excellent work, has now become a ”pom pom” cheer leading site for their candidate. Fine, any news generating org can do that, but the editorial staff (like Matt Drudge)has refused early on to honestly relay their clear preference for Trump. It’s highly dishonest.

It matters little if a person is Jewish or not, stupid is stupid, and Horowitz committed a highly stupid act, and Breitbart compounded it by publishing the title as is. Calling a person out for his/her views is entirely legit, singling the person out for his ethnicity…..is not. I stand by that.

Andrew Breitbart, a person whom I greatly admired, would be appalled by the direction taken by his namesake news org., he knew Trump was never a conservative, and even if he was, would never condone his site being used as an uncritical superpac for any given candidate (like Fox and Drudge has done), that is my approach to all of this, it’s done with that view in mind.

I’m a principled conservative, and call shots as I see them. I appreciate your visiting my site, but do not expect me to hang my principles at the door and throw myself for this or that candidate just because he mouths this, that and the other, especially when he falls on all sides of any given issue, even on the same day depending what audience he’s addressing.

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  1. Your stance is always honest and consistent and I value immensely your work and take your views on everything very seriously.

    1. Thank you Brian, your words are of great solace and comfort to me. Very much appreciated. I’m not perfect, no one is, but I do try on a daily basis to be completely honest with myself, and to my readers.

  2. My preliminary reading of the situation is that Horowitz is attacking Kristol for allying with the anti-Israel camp making him a rebel. I do not read it as anti-Jewish as Horowitz is a Jew with a proven track record of pro-Jewish, pro-Israel, pro-American activism. I think it is a misreading attacking Horowitz

    1. The intent behind the labelling is not in question, but the tone and ramifications from doing so is. I respect your opinion, but greatly disagree with it. It’s sets a terrible precedent, and coupled with the seemingly main-streaming of Jew hatred in non-Democrat circles….is very very troublesome.

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